2018 Virtual Workshop

NAWRS convened virtually in 2018 with free web-based sessions. In each of these sessions, experts shared insights and best practices for researchers and practitioners working across the spectrum of human services.

June: Communicating with Data – Visualizing Data in the Public Sector

This inaugural session of the NAWRS 2018 Virtual Workshop featured presentations from three experts on research and data visualization. NAWRS community members learned about innovative approaches to data visualization, including an overview of best practices and concrete examples of how state and municipal government agencies can use and present data in innovative ways to support program and policy goals.

Sponsored by the Urban Institute. Organized by Asaph Glosser, MEF Associates

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July: Human Centered Design for Social Programs

This second session in the NAWRS 2018 Virtual Workshop featured presentations from three federal and local government experts on human centered design (HCD). NAWRS community members had the opportunity to learn about principles of HCD and their application to social services. What is HCD and why is it important? How can government promote and foster an HCD-oriented approach? What do providers need in order to realize the promise of HCD in practice? Panelists included:

Organized by Edith Kealey, New York City Department of Social Services and sponsored by Abt Associates

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August: The Changing Nature of Work

Today, independent workers (short-term, task-based, autonomous, or part-time) make up almost 30% of the American workforce, and the numbers are projected to grow significantly by 2025. The workspace itself is evolving with new technologies, greater business outsourcing, and more flexibility. Workers, now more than ever, need new training, technology tools, and financial and business literacy skills to help them succeed in the new 21st Century labor market. Programs like entrepreneurship training and financial coaching are now proven to improve employment rates and increase wages.

This discussion covered new approaches to employment services aimed at helping jobseekers adapt to the emerging reality of the changing labor market.

Panelists included:

Moderated by:

Organized by Tony Ong, Public Consulting Group, and Sponsored by Public Consulting Group.

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September: Rethinking Welfare: Promoting Opportunity and Independence

NAWRSIRPCenter for Poverty Research, and the U.S. Collaborative of Poverty Centers co-hosted a livestream event on poverty and opportunity.

NAWRS co-sponsored this year’s Poverty Research and Policy Forum, which focused on state implementation of federal policies for promoting work, economic stability, and intergenerational mobility. 

At this year’s forum, nationally recognized researchers presented the latest research on mechanisms for promoting employment, economic mobility, and strong social networks to increase independence and family well-being. Check out the agenda here.

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