National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics

Hello, everyone -

I’m pleased to announce that the National Association for Welfare Research and
Statistics (NAWRS) 54th Annual Workshop will be held August 17-20, 2014 at the
Providence Biltmore Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island.

As we reflect on 2014 as 50th anniversary of the start of the war on poverty, note
that in 1964 people like you and me were at the NAWRS 5th Annual Workshop in
Washington, D.C. discussing the new social safety net. Although I don’t have the
program for the 1964 Workshop, I like to think that social services research and
evaluation were burgeoning topics in it. Imagine, this conversation was
happening at NAWRS 10 years before the Ford Foundation and a group of federal
agencies established MDRC in 1974.

We understand that you may have limited resources for travel and conference
attendance, but we want you to add NAWRS 2014 to your short list. If you’re
submitting a budget request in the near future to attend, I want you to know that
the fee for attending the full Workshop will be the same as last year, $499. I’m
confident that this year’s program, led by 2009 NAWRS President George Falco
from the State of New York and Heather Hahn from The Urban Institute, will have
sufficient breadth and depth to satisfy the interest of anyone working in the
social services domain.

Yours truly,

Michael Bono